Wuxi HengLi Hydraulic Pneumatic CO.,Ltd was founded in 2001 . We have 8000 square meters standard workshop, more than 100 employees, including 10 technical backbone, 4 engineers, 1 senior engineer. Annual output of more than 20000 oil cylinder, with sales of more than 70 million RMB. Now our main products are engineering machinery, special vehicle, port machinery, mold, hydraulic lines and other industries supporting the use, high-pressure oil cylinder. Company with constant current and high pressure cylinder co., LTD. Cooperation in jiangsu oil cylinder for a thorough analysis of the various USES and computer application, were able to give full play to the mechanical properties of the oil cylinder development design. In oil cylinder to play an important function of seal, tubing, plating, heat treatment, welding technology after years of research and development, which established the unique production technology and management methods, to ensure that the product high quality, high reliability. In today's machinery and machine tools, hydraulic cylinder are needed to make the heavy load work faster and faster rate. Save every second may improve productivity and reduce cost. Just increase the speed of cylinder will eventually lead to unacceptable hydraulic impact load. For my company to design and develop the floating buffer, the kinetic energy in the buffer is absorbed gradually and smoothly on the trip. The best features of both known and buffering shorter buffer time; To reduce the internal and external impact; The noise of the machine; Less machine maintenance; The reversing of shipment smoothly. Seal and guide ring all adopt the world famous brand Parker, Merkel, Nok or TRELLEBORG which can effectively prevent leakage of hydraulic oil.

YGC-YGD series rod hydraulic cylinders
YGC-YGD servo-hydraulic rod hydraulic cylinders
HA250HA320 series hydraulic
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